LIXX launched an index of selected crypto assets for Swiss fintech company Leonteq
27. January 2022 | Medienmitteilung

LIXX launched an index of selected crypto assets for Swiss fintech company Leonteq

A new crypto index offered by Leonteq and launched by LIXX tracks the performance of leading cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies.

LIXX Index Innovation launched an index for the Swiss fintech company that started on January 10, 2022 and tracks the performance of market-dominating cryptocurrencies and leading blockchain technology companies. It offers all investors the opportunity to invest in the future-oriented market of crypto assets with diversified risk.

The crypto industry, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology continue to attract a great deal of media attention worldwide with reporting having become much more professional and well-founded in recent months. Reason enough for investors to take a closer look at this rapid-growth market to identify and exploit the opportunities.

New cryptocurrencies are launched month after month, with dozens of startups founded as blockchain service providers. LIXX has now launched an index on behalf of renowned Swiss fintech company Leonteq that tracks the dominant cryptocurrencies and leading blockchain companies, offering all investors the opportunity to invest in this future-oriented market with diversified risk.

The Leonteq Crypto Market Index (ISIN DE000A3C52R5) aims at providing a benchmark that tracks the financial performance of selected crypto assets. The components included in the index are weighted on the basis on their respective market capitalization, with proven mechanisms preventing any individual asset from dominating the index.

Based on its extensive experience with designing and implementing indices, LIXX is responsible for maintaining the Leonteq Crypto Market Index throughout its lifecycle.


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