Innovative index concepts based on crypto assets

Cryptocurrencies are considered innovative investments that are gaining more and more importance in the capital market for institutional and private investors. In contrast to direct investments in individual cryptocurrencies, crypto indices allow diversified investments and the implementation of your investment strategies within a single financial product.

LIXX creates customized crypto indices: based on your investment idea, we develop the index guidelines and calculate and maintain the index over its entire life-cycle.

Through financial products such as certificates or funds, indices and thus your investment strategy become investable for investors.

Thus, the hurdle to participate in the crypto market is lower and investors can pursue different goals through different index strategies.

Different index strategies


Indices that pursue the strategy of outperformance aim to outperform the reference market through the selection of index components and the index methodology.


Indices that pursue the goal of risk limitation try to avoid large volatility of the index price. This can be achieved, for example, by weighting in lower volatile index components, adding a cash component or by analyzing the current market phase.


Indices that belong to the category of market tracking track the current development of the reference market.