RSI Diversified Index

Last Index Calculation Date: 02.09.19
Index Value: 14354.1198
Month to Date: 0.00 %
Year to Date: 13.14 %

The RSI Diversified Index tracks a selection of closed-end Romanian funds. The selection of index components over the term is static. Weighting is carried out according to defined rules.

Current Composition

Composition Changes

Background Information

Universe of Index Components

Closed-end Romanian funds.

Index Components and their selection

The selection is static.

Allocation of Index Components

The weighting is carried out according to static rules.

Type Date Note Value
Monthly Index Calculations 02.09.2019
Monthly Index Calculations 01.10.2019
Monthly Index Calculations 04.11.2019
Monthly Index Calculations 02.12.2019
Monthly Index Calculations 02.01.2020
Basic data
Identifier: DE000A2L0RK2 WKN: A2L0RK
Bloomberg Ticker: n/a Index Sponsor: Chartered Investment Managers