BeneFaktorIndex® Recycling

Datum der letzten Berechnung: 18.06.21
Indexwert: 123.7700
Monatsverlauf: 1.09 %
Jahresverlauf: 23.77 %

The objective of the index is to reflect the performance an investor can achieve by investing in a dynamic portfolio of instruments from the Reference Market. The Reference Market is characterized by companies which are related to the circular economy.

Aktuelle Zusammensetzung
17/06/2021AU000000SGM7Sims Ltd0.047541481
17/06/2021CA94106B1013Waste Connections Inc0.046272525
17/06/2021FR0000124141Veolia Environnement SA0.047009845
17/06/2021FR0010613471Suez SA0.044955686
17/06/2021IE00BFY8C754Steris plc0.043305267
17/06/2021JP3789000001Hitachi Zosen Corp0.038495133
17/06/2021US1474481041Casella Waste Systems Inc0.043113363
17/06/2021US1689133098China Recycling Energy Corp0.053374624
17/06/2021US1844961078Clean Harbors Inc0.045225139
17/06/2021US2017231034Commercial Metals Co0.046181404
17/06/2021US30057T1051Evoqua Water Technologies Corp0.051129103
17/06/2021US48282T1043Kadant Inc0.042599066
17/06/2021US5018892084LKQ Corp0.047555148
17/06/2021US5435181046Loop Industries Inc0.064977563
17/06/2021US6703461052Nucor Corp0.053844060
17/06/2021US7607591002Republic Services Inc0.046790178
17/06/2021US8068821060Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc0.053076154
17/06/2021US8581191009Steel Dynamics Inc0.051598915
17/06/2021US8589121081Stericycle Inc0.046767712
17/06/2021US91734M1036US Ecology Inc0.039699899
17/06/2021US94106L1098Waste Management Inc0.046487735
Index Umschichtungen
DateISINNAMEUnit change
13/01/2021US8068821060Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc0.00094641
19/01/2021US2017231034Commercial Metals Co0.00104075
22/02/2021IE00BFY8C754Steris plc0.00005106
01/03/2021CA94106B1013Waste Connections Inc0.00008721
04/03/2021AU000000SGM7Sims Ltd0.00315433
10/03/2021US94106L1098Waste Management Inc0.00016555
29/03/2021JP3789000001Hitachi Zosen Corp0.01061551
29/03/2021US2017231034Commercial Metals Co0.00071654
29/03/2021US6703461052Nucor Corp0.00036939
29/03/2021US8581191009Steel Dynamics Inc0.00052301
30/03/2021US7607591002Republic Services Inc0.00018235
12/04/2021US48282T1043Kadant Inc0.00003688
15/04/2021US8068821060Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc0.00055878
16/04/2021AU000000SGM7Sims Ltd0.02010978
16/04/2021CA94106B1013Waste Connections Inc0.00031544
16/04/2021FR0000124141Veolia Environnement SA0.01158956
16/04/2021FR0010613471Suez SA-0.00219213
16/04/2021IE00BFY8C754Steris plc0.00193870
16/04/2021JP3789000001Hitachi Zosen Corp-0.02695376
16/04/2021US1474481041Casella Waste Systems Inc-0.00479034
16/04/2021US1689133098China Recycling Energy Corp-0.01535927
16/04/2021US1844961078Clean Harbors Inc0.00337580
16/04/2021US2017231034Commercial Metals Co-0.03857482
16/04/2021US30057T1051Evoqua Water Technologies Corp0.03787466
16/04/2021US48282T1043Kadant Inc-0.00222804
16/04/2021US5018892084LKQ Corp0.00114456
16/04/2021US5435181046Loop Industries Inc0.17265870
16/04/2021US6703461052Nucor Corp-0.01914594
16/04/2021US7607591002Republic Services Inc0.00199992
16/04/2021US8068821060Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc-0.01169229
16/04/2021US8581191009Steel Dynamics Inc-0.01405818
16/04/2021US8589121081Stericycle Inc0.01295711
16/04/2021US91734M1036US Ecology Inc0.00213424
16/04/2021US94106L1098Waste Management Inc-0.00094170
07/05/2021FR0000124141Veolia Environnement SA0.00446583
10/05/2021CA94106B1013Waste Connections Inc0.00007071
26/05/2021IE00BFY8C754Steris plc0.00004926
02/06/2021US94106L1098Waste Management Inc0.00014044

Universe of Index Components

The following instruments selected from the Reference Market: Stocks and Substitutes

Index Components and their selection

Each instrument selected from the Index Universe must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for inclusion in the Index ("Index Component Selection Criteria").
A. Market Selection Criteria
The relevant instrument must:
1) Have a price that is set regularly.
2) Have a price that is publicly accessible.
3) Have a minimal market capitalization of one hundred (100) EUR million.
4) Have a minimal daily trading volume of three (3) EUR million over the previous six months.
B. Thematic Selection Criteria
An instrument of a company is eligible if:
1) the company’s products or services are related to the circular economy; and
2) the company is more advanced in terms of resource conservation, recycling or waste avoidance compared to other companies.
3) An instrument of a company which does not have resource conservation, recycling, or waste avoidance as main business focus, is not eligible.
4) If a company fulfills the above stated criteria, but at the same time is permanently associated with unethical behavior, it is not eligible as Index Component. Unethical behavior, among others, includes tax fraud, bribery.
Such securities form the "Selection Pool".

Allocation of Index Components

Index Component Name - ISIN
Casella Waste Systems, Inc. - US1474481041
China Recycling Energy - US1689133098
Clean Harbors, Inc. - US1844961078
Commercial Metals Co - US2017231034
Evoqua Water Technologies - US30057T1051
Hitachi Zosen Corp. - JP3789000001
Kadant Inc. - US48282T1043
LKQ Corporation - US5018892084
Loop Industries, Inc. - US5435181046
Nucor Corp - US6703461052
Republic Services - US7607591002
Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. - US8068821060
Sims Metal Management Limited - AU000000SGM7
Steel Dynamics, Inc. - US8581191009
Stericycle - US8589121081
Steris Pic - IE00BFY8C754
Suez Environnement - FR0010613471
US Ecology, Inc. - US91734M1036
Veolia Environment - FR0000124141
Waste Connections - CA94106B1013
Waste Management Inc. - US94106L1098

As of the Index Start Date, an equal weighting across the Index Components will be applied. On a quarterly basis, the Index Components will be equally weighted rebalanced on the second consecutive Business Day following a Rebalancing Determination Date.

Type Date Note Value
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.10.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.01.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.10.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 13.01.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 13.10.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 12.01.2024
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