LIXX Index Innovation offers services as benchmark administrator

LIXX Index Innovation is an independent index provider that supports its clients in developing innovative and alternative index solutions. Our solutions form building blocks for investment products such as funds and certificates and help our clients to make investment opportunities investable.

Our Milestones:


of LIXX GmbH


Benchmark index administrator
approved by German regulator BaFin


Launch of Smart Beta Multi Asset Index Series


Approved calculation agent
for multiple large investment banks


A vast global distribution and service support network

Local presence in key centers enables index development and servicing in any jurisdiction.

LIXX is part of the international private equity group Chartered Group with more than 350 employees in over 12 locations and active in the securities and lending business, real estate (incl. hospitality) and technology investments. Being part of a Chartered Group offers many benefits to LIXX and its clients:

  • International Franchise: results in knowledge and idea transfers across continents and cultures
  • Scalability: means we and our clients have access to and benefit from local resources and industry-specific expertise
  • Sustainability: allows us to concentrate on delivering excellence while having a financially-sound backing
  • Independence: we benefit from the Chartered Group while business decisions are made locally

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