The Lixx Innovation Services

LIXX offers services as a benchmark administrator. This includes the structuring, calculation, ongoing management and administration of indices. LIXX positions itself with a clear focus on non-significant indices across all asset classes.
Our origins of business lie in the structured product world. We are not a pure IT-driven company. Instead, our team consists of people with high seniority in financial markets. When setting up new indices, we always consider the entire set-up and design solutions which help to create a benefit on a total level.
When developing the set-up of LIXX, regulatory requirements were taken into consideration from the first minute. Our Straight-Through-Processes allow for both a high effectiveness and efficiency. This enables us to provide a reliable and high-quality service in a clearly defined market segment.

The Lixx Innovation Process

  • Structuring of Index

  • Issuance of Index

  • Continuous Calculation and Management