ISF Hidden Champions Deutschland

Last Index Calculation Date: 12.09.19
Index Value: 90.5337
Month to Date: 2.44 %
Year to Date: 0.77 %

The objective of the Index is to reflect the performance an investor can achieve through investing into such Investment Funds from the Reference Market, in which supposingly hidden champion companies can be found. Hidden champions are companies that tend to be market leaders in their segment and often tend to take leading roles in the markets with their special products. In order to reflect the economic reality given by factors such as availability of instruments, reinvestments of maturing instruments and portfolio size, Index Components may be amended and their weighting adjusted over time.

Current Composition

Composition Changes

Background Information

Universe of Index Components

Investment Funds whose investment objective is to invest predominantly into stocks and equity related financial instruments with focus of German companies in the small- and medium cap segment.

Index Components and their selection

The selection of the index components is determined by pre-defined requirement criteria and a rule-based trend follower model. Only funds that meet the selection criteria can be included in the index. One of the conditions is that only UCITS funds can be part of the index. In addition, only funds with at least EUR 50 million of assets under management are eligible as index components.

Allocation of Index Components

The weighting of the index components is performed by the index administrator within the specified rules, based on the recommendations of the index allocator.

Basic data
Identifier: DE000A2G9710 WKN: A2G971
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