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Datum der letzten Berechnung: 18.06.21
Indexwert: 108.2500
Monatsverlauf: -0.09 %
Jahresverlauf: 8.25 %

The objective of the index is to reflect the performance an investor can achieve by investing in a dynamic portfolio of instruments from the Reference Market. The Reference Market is characterized by companies which carry out business activities in the development, production and/or distribution of bicycles and / or bicycle related supplies or components.

Aktuelle Zusammensetzung
17/06/2021CH0114405324Garmin Ltd0.049721775
17/06/2021DE0005439004Continental AG0.051890953
17/06/2021FR0000121261Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin SCA0.051881200
17/06/2021IE00BFRT3W74Allegion PLC0.048920017
17/06/2021IT0005162406Technogym SpA0.049326865
17/06/2021JP3358000002Shimano Inc0.050760489
17/06/2021JP3866800000Panasonic Corp0.051143954
17/06/2021JP3942600002Yamaha Corp0.049785379
17/06/2021KR7005930003Samsung Electronics Co Ltd0.049354525
17/06/2021KR7111770004Youngone Corp0.046602890
17/06/2021KYG9830F1063Yadea Group Holdings Ltd0.044914981
17/06/2021NL00150001Q9Stellantis NV0.053340786
17/06/2021SE0006422390Thule Group AB0.048384476
17/06/2021TW0002105004Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co Ltd0.050560016
17/06/2021TW0002106002Kenda Rubber Industrial Co Ltd0.052093945
17/06/2021TW0009914002Merida Industry Co Ltd0.050886314
17/06/2021TW0009921007Giant Manufacturing Co Ltd0.049346784
17/06/2021US35138V1026Fox Factory Holding Corp0.045825343
17/06/2021US70614W1009Peloton Interactive Inc0.052985996
17/06/2021US9283771007Vista Outdoor Inc0.052273313
Index Umschichtungen
DateISINNAMEUnit change
11/03/2021CH0114405324Garmin Ltd0.00014775
12/03/2021NL00150001Q9Stellantis NV0.00201960
15/03/2021IE00BFRT3W74Allegion PLC0.00012793
29/03/2021JP3866800000Panasonic Corp0.00260651
29/03/2021JP3942600002Yamaha Corp0.00051142
16/04/2021NL00150001Q9Stellantis NV0.00725744
22/04/2021SE0006422390Thule Group AB0.00304479
21/05/2021CH0114405324Garmin Ltd-0.00220463
21/05/2021DE0005439004Continental AG0.00196113
21/05/2021FR0000121261Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin-0.00086234
21/05/2021FR0000121261Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin SCA-0.00086234
21/05/2021IE00BFRT3W74Allegion PLC-0.00985309
21/05/2021IT0005162406Technogym SpA-0.00919514
21/05/2021JP3358000002Shimano Inc0.00450264
21/05/2021JP3866800000Panasonic Corp0.14626712
21/05/2021JP3942600002Yamaha Corp0.00051666
21/05/2021KR7005930003Samsung Electronics Co Ltd0.00769179
21/05/2021KR7111770004Youngone Corp-0.01929547
21/05/2021KYG9830F1063Yadea Group Holdings Ltd0.55248181
21/05/2021NL00150001Q9Stellantis NV-0.06493346
21/05/2021SE0006422390Thule Group AB-0.01779846
21/05/2021TW0002105004Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co Ltd0.10064682
21/05/2021TW0002106002Kenda Rubber Industrial Co Ltd-0.29210832
21/05/2021TW0009914002Merida Industry Co Ltd-0.01089578
21/05/2021TW0009921007Giant Manufacturing Co Ltd-0.04163775
21/05/2021US35138V1026Fox Factory Holding Corp-0.00387504
21/05/2021US70614W1009Peloton Interactive Inc0.01910316
21/05/2021US9283771007Vista Outdoor Inc-0.01007565
24/05/2021FR0000121261Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin0.00057783
24/05/2021FR0000121261Compagnie Generale des Etablissements Michelin SCA0.00057783
11/06/2021CH0114405324Garmin Ltd0.00013695
14/06/2021IE00BFRT3W74Allegion PLC0.00009018

Universe of Index Components

The following instruments selected from the Reference Market: Stocks and Substitutes

Index Components and their selection

Each instrument selected from the Index Universe must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for inclusion in the Index ("Index Component Selection Criteria").
A. Market Selection Criteria
The relevant instrument must:
1) Have a price that is set regularly.
2) Have a price that is publicly accessible.
3) Have a minimal market capitalization of one hundred (100) EUR million.
4) Have a minimal daily trading volume of three (3) EUR million over the previous six months.
B. Thematic Selection Criteria
An instrument of a company is eligible if:
1) the company manufactures or distributes indoor/outdoor bicycles or indoor/outdoor bike related
components or supplies .
In case of component or supplies provision, such company needs to provide distinct components or
If a company fulfills the above stated criteria, but at the same time is permanently associated with
unethical behavior, it is not eligible as Index Component. Unethical behavior, among others,
includes tax fraud, bribery.
Such securities form the "Selection Pool".

Allocation of Index Components

Index Component Name - ISIN
Allegion plc - IE00BFRT3W74
Cheng Shin Rubber Ind. Co. Ltd. - TW0002105004
Continental AG - DE0005439004
Fox Factory Holdings Corp. - US35138V1026
Garmin Ltd. - CH0114405324
Giant MFG - TW0009921007
Kenda Rubber Corp. - TW0002106002
Merida Industry Co. - TW0009914002
Michelin Group Paris - FR0000121261
Panasonic Corp. - JP3866800000
Peloton - US70614W1009
Samsung - KR7005930003
Shimano - JP3358000002
Stellantis (Peugeot) - NL00150001Q9
Vista Outdoor (Mutterkonzern von Giro) - US9283771007
Yamaha - JP3942600002
Technogym - IT0005162406
Yadea Group - KYG9830F1063
Thule - SE0006422390
Youngone Corp. - KR7111770004

As of the Index Start Date, an equal weighting across the Index Components will be applied. On a quarterly basis, the Index Components will be equally weighted rebalanced on the second consecutive Business Day following a Rebalancing Determination Date.

Type Date Note Value
Quarterly Rebalancing 19.05.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 19.08.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 19.11.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 18.02.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 19.05.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 19.08.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 18.11.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 17.02.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 19.05.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 18.08.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 17.11.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 19.02.2024
Stammdaten & Dokumente
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Bloomberg Ticker: BEFABIKE Index Sponsor: Leonteq Securities AG