BeneFaktorIndex® Vegan

Datum der letzten Berechnung: 18.06.21
Indexwert: 114.7300
Monatsverlauf: 2.11 %
Jahresverlauf: 14.73 %

The objective of the index is to reflect the performance an investor can achieve by investing in a dynamic portfolio of instruments from the Reference Market. The Reference Market is characterized by companies which carry out business activities in the cultivation, production and/or distribution of vegan and/or related raw materials or products.

Aktuelle Zusammensetzung
17/06/2021BMG169621056Bunge Ltd0.089278484
17/06/2021KYG4412G1010Herbalife Nutrition Ltd0.106823392
17/06/2021SE0011337708AAK AB (publ)0.092673262
17/06/2021US0394831020Archer-Daniels-Midland Co0.099515984
17/06/2021US08862E1091Beyond Meat Inc0.103689123
17/06/2021US4052171000Hain Celestial Group Inc0.092491288
17/06/2021US4571871023Ingredion Inc0.093608403
17/06/2021US63884N1081Natura & Co Holding SA0.120316988
17/06/2021US8004221078John B Sanfilippo & Son Inc0.095061735
17/06/2021US87663X1028Tattooed Chef Inc0.106541340
Index Umschichtungen
DateISINNAMEUnit change
05/02/2021US0394831020Archer-Daniels-Midland Co0.00114907
11/02/2021BMG169621056Bunge Ltd0.00113995
24/02/2021US8004221078John B Sanfilippo & Son Inc0.00298310
30/03/2021US4571871023Ingredion Inc0.00075476
16/04/2021BMG169621056Bunge Ltd-0.01829339
16/04/2021KYG4412G1010Herbalife Nutrition Ltd0.04140156
16/04/2021SE0011337708AAK AB (publ)-0.07817126
16/04/2021US0394831020Archer-Daniels-Midland Co-0.01731565
16/04/2021US08862E1091Beyond Meat Inc-0.00231275
16/04/2021US4052171000Hain Celestial Group Inc-0.00123668
16/04/2021US4571871023Ingredion Inc-0.01515395
16/04/2021US63884N1081Natura & Co Holding SA0.09083972
16/04/2021US8004221078John B Sanfilippo & Son Inc-0.01547982
16/04/2021US87663X1028Tattooed Chef Inc0.21871760
07/05/2021SE0011337708AAK AB (publ)0.00453579
17/05/2021BMG169621056Bunge Ltd0.00087297
17/05/2021US0394831020Archer-Daniels-Midland Co0.00084188

Universe of Index Components

The following instruments selected from the Reference Market: Stocks and Substitutes

Index Components and their selection

Each instrument selected from the Index Universe must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for inclusion in the Index ("Index Component Selection Criteria").
A. Market Selection Criteria
The relevant instrument must:
1) Have a price that is set regularly.
2) Have a price that is publicly accessible.
3) Have a minimal market capitalization of one hundred (100) EUR million.
4) Have a minimal daily trading volume of two (2) EUR million over the previous six months.
B. Thematic Selection Criteria
An instrument of a company is eligible if:
1) the company manufactures or distributes vegan products. If a company manufactures vegetarian products in addition, it is still eligible.
2) An instrument of a company which carries out conventional meat production is not eligible.
3) An instrument of a company which produces any other products than vegan or vegetarian is not eligible.
4) If a company fulfills the above stated criteria, but at the same time is permanently associated with unethical behavior, it is not eligible as Index Component. Unethical behavior, among others, includes tax fraud, bribery.
Such securities form the "Selection Pool".

Allocation of Index Components

Index Component Name - ISIN
AAK AB - SE0011337708
Archer-Daniels-Midland Co - US0394831020
Beyond Meat Inc - US08862E1091
Bunge Ltd - BMG169621056
Hain Celestial Group Inc - US4052171000
Herbalife Nutrition Ltd - KYG4412G1010
Ingredion Inc - US4571871023
John B Sanfilippo & Son Inc - US8004221078
Natura & Co Holding SA - US63884N1081
Tattooed Chef Inc - US87663X1028

As of the Index Start Date, an equal weighting across the Index Components will be applied. On a quarterly basis, the Index Components will be equally weighted rebalanced on the second consecutive Business Day following a Rebalancing Determination Date.

Type Date Note Value
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.10.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.01.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.10.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 13.01.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 13.10.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 12.01.2024
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