Datum der letzten Berechnung: 18.06.21
Indexwert: 111.5600
Monatsverlauf: 4.06 %
Jahresverlauf: 11.56 %

The objective of the index is to reflect the performance an investor can achieve by investing in a dynamic portfolio of instruments from the Reference Market. The Reference Market is characterized by companies which make a public commitment to refrain from animal testing.

Aktuelle Zusammensetzung
17/06/2021CH0010570767Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG0.077714909
17/06/2021FR0000120693Pernod Ricard SA0.076612338
17/06/2021HK0000376142Nissin Foods Co Ltd0.074286781
17/06/2021JP3240400006Kikkoman Corp0.080332757
17/06/2021JP3336560002Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd0.079746675
17/06/2021NL0000009165Heineken NV0.078845658
17/06/2021US08862E1091Beyond Meat Inc0.079479308
17/06/2021US1344291091Campbell Soup Co0.067466754
17/06/2021US1912161007Coca-Cola Co0.075064645
17/06/2021US26856L1035elf Beauty Inc0.067919369
17/06/2021US4878361082Kellogg Co0.074768134
17/06/2021US63884N1081Natura & Co Holding SA0.092230000
17/06/2021US7134481081PepsiCo Inc0.075532672
Index Umschichtungen
DateISINNAMEUnit change
26/02/2021US4878361082Kellogg Co0.00110417
03/03/2021US7134481081PepsiCo Inc0.00036639
11/03/2021US1912161007Coca-Cola Co0.00108624
29/03/2021JP3240400006Kikkoman Corp0.00035036
06/04/2021US1344291091Campbell Soup Co0.00107228
16/04/2021CH0010570767Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG0.00005507
16/04/2021FR0000120693Pernod Ricard SA-0.00136251
16/04/2021HK0000376142Nissin Foods Co Ltd1.39012320
16/04/2021JP3240400006Kikkoman Corp0.02888701
16/04/2021JP3336560002Suntory Beverage & Food Ltd0.00286341
16/04/2021NL0000009165Heineken NV0.00135757
16/04/2021US08862E1091Beyond Meat Inc-0.00404474
16/04/2021US1344291091Campbell Soup Co-0.01079558
16/04/2021US1912161007Coca-Cola Co-0.00703585
16/04/2021US26856L1035e.l.f. Beauty Inc-0.08540974
16/04/2021US26856L1035elf Beauty Inc-0.08540974
16/04/2021US4878361082Kellogg Co-0.00629493
16/04/2021US63884N1081Natura & Co Holding SA0.05257973
16/04/2021US7134481081PepsiCo Inc0.00125365
23/04/2021NL0000009165Heineken NV0.00054210
05/05/2021CH0010570767Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG0.00000879
27/05/2021US4878361082Kellogg Co0.00095584
02/06/2021US7134481081PepsiCo Inc0.00034368
09/06/2021HK0000376142Nissin Foods Co Ltd0.29194977
11/06/2021US1912161007Coca-Cola Co0.00095196

Universe of Index Components

The following instruments selected from the Reference Market: Stocks and Substitutes

Index Components and their selection

Each instrument selected from the Index Universe must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for inclusion in the Index ("Index Component Selection Criteria").
A. Market Selection Criteria
The relevant instrument must:
1) Have a price that is set regularly.
2) Have a price that is publicly accessible.
3) Have a minimal market capitalization of one hundred (100) EUR million.
4) Have a minimal daily trading volume of three (3) EUR million over the previous six months.
B. Thematic Selection Criteria
1) An instrument of a company is eligible if the company makes a public commitment to a non-profit animal protection organization to refrain from animal testing, including execution, purchase, and financing.
2) If a company does not refrain from animal testing entirely, meaning in any business unit and subsidiary, it is not eligible as Index Component.
3) If a company fulfills the above stated criteria, but at the same time is permanently associated with unethical behavior, it is not eligible as Index Component. Unethical behavior, among others, includes environmental damage, tax fraud, bribery.
Such securities form the "Selection Pool".

Allocation of Index Components

Index Component Name - ISIN
Pepsi - US7134481081
Beyond Meat - US08862E1091
Campbell soup - US1344291091
Coca Cola - US1912161007
Elf Beauty - US26856L1035
Heineken - NL0000009165
Kellog - US4878361082
Kikkoman - JP3240400006
Lindt - CH0010570767
Natura Co. - US63884N1081
Nissin Food - HK0000376142
Pernod Ricard - FR0000120693
Suntory Group - JP3336560002

As of the Index Start Date, an equal weighting across the Index Components will be applied. On a quarterly basis, the Index Components will be equally weighted rebalanced on the second consecutive Business Day following a Rebalancing Determination Date.

Type Date Note Value
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.10.2021
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.01.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.10.2022
Quarterly Rebalancing 13.01.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.04.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 14.07.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 13.10.2023
Quarterly Rebalancing 12.01.2024
Stammdaten & Dokumente
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