Disruptive Innovation Index

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The objective of the Index is to reflect the performance an investor can achieve through investing into a once a year equal-weighted portfolio of instruments from the Reference Market. To reflect the economic reality given by factors such as availability of instruments, reinvestment of maturing instruments and portfolio size, Index Components may be replaced, and their weighting adjusted over time.

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Universe of Index Components

Securities or Substitutes from the Reference Market.

Index Components and their selection

Each instrument selected from the Universe of Index Components must fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for inclusion in the Index. The relevant instrument must:
• Have a price that is set regularly and publicly accessible;
• be denominated in USD; and
• have assets under management (AUM) at the time of inclusion in the Index in excess of 100 million USD;
• are listed or admitted to trading on SIX Swiss Exchange or on a foreign securities exchange in the United States of America with equivalent regulation according to the listing rules of SIX Swiss Exchange (the "Index Component Selection Criteria").
The Index Component Selection Criteria are required to be fulfilled at the time of inclusion of the relevant instrument as Index Component in the Index. However, fulfilment of the Index Component Selection Criteria will not be monitored on an ongoing basis following such inclusion.

Type Date Note Value
Yearly Rebalancing Disruptive Innovation Index 27.11.2021
Yearly Rebalancing Disruptive Innovation Index 27.11.2022
Yearly Rebalancing Disruptive Innovation Index 27.11.2023
Yearly Rebalancing Disruptive Innovation Index 27.11.2024
Yearly Rebalancing Disruptive Innovation Index 27.11.2025
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