DividendenAdel Schweiz Index

Datum der letzten Berechnung: 17.05.21
Indexwert: 107.5800
Monatsverlauf: 0.31 %
Jahresverlauf: 6.91 %

Ziel des Index ist es, die Performance widerzuspiegeln, die ein Anleger durch die Anlage in ein Portfolio von Dividendenwerten mit vorher festgelegten Merkmalen hinsichtlich der vergangenen und zukünftigen Dividendenentwicklung erzielen kann.

Aktuelle Zusammensetzung
14/05/2021CH0003541510Forbo Holding AG0.068866413
14/05/2021CH0008837566Allreal Holding AG0.054865132
14/05/2021CH0010570767Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG0.061858148
14/05/2021CH0012005267Novartis AG0.061276414
14/05/2021CH0012032048Roche Holding AG0.057765593
14/05/2021CH0012410517Baloise Holding AG0.066492233
14/05/2021CH0012829898Emmi AG0.059556019
14/05/2021CH0014786500Valiant Holding AG0.076229471
14/05/2021CH0014852781Swiss Life Holding AG0.078099163
14/05/2021CH0018294154PSP Swiss Property AG0.062980904
14/05/2021CH0024608827Partners Group Holding AG0.088055199
14/05/2021CH0024638212Schindler Holding AG0.060150156
14/05/2021CH0030170408Geberit AG0.068230802
14/05/2021CH0038863350Nestle SA0.060139875
14/05/2021CH0466642201Helvetia Holding AG0.075434477
Index Umschichtungen
DateISINNAMEUnit change
02/03/2020CH0012005267Novartis AG0.00157988
18/03/2020CH0012032048Roche Holding AG0.00040498
02/04/2020CH0030170408Geberit AG0.00021746
03/04/2020CH0012829898Emmi AG0.00006169
07/04/2020CH0003541510Forbo Holding AG0.00004775
14/04/2020CH0018294154PSP Swiss Property AG0.00088503
24/04/2020CH0038863350Nestle SA0.00087985
27/04/2020CH0008837566Allreal Holding AG0.00070450
27/04/2020CH0012410517Baloise Holding AG0.00093356
27/04/2020CH0466642201Helvetia Holding AG0.00151680
28/04/2020CH0010570767Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG0.00001080
11/05/2020CH0006372897Interroll Holding AG0.00002361
14/05/2020CH0014786500Valiant Holding AG0.00211394
14/05/2020CH0024608827Partners Group Holding AG0.00017627
15/06/2020CH0012549785Sonova Holding AG0.00010487
15/09/2020CH0210483332Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA0.00077980
07/10/2020CH0003541510Forbo Holding AG0.00042411
07/10/2020CH0006372897Interroll Holding AG-0.00309927
07/10/2020CH0008837566Allreal Holding AG0.00193104
07/10/2020CH0010570767Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG0.00003015
07/10/2020CH0011795959Dormakaba Holding AG-0.00862442
07/10/2020CH0012005267Novartis AG0.01318356
07/10/2020CH0012032048Roche Holding AG0.00021368
07/10/2020CH0012410517Baloise Holding AG0.01383826
07/10/2020CH0012549785Sonova Holding AG-0.02414356
07/10/2020CH0012829898Emmi AG0.00005797
07/10/2020CH0014786500Valiant Holding AG0.02318268
07/10/2020CH0014852781Swiss Life Holding AG0.01774444
07/10/2020CH0018294154PSP Swiss Property AG0.01328785
07/10/2020CH0024608827Partners Group Holding AG-0.00023169
07/10/2020CH0024638212Schindler Holding AG0.02540648
07/10/2020CH0030170408Geberit AG-0.00042524
07/10/2020CH0038863350Nestle SA0.00550692
07/10/2020CH0210483332Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA-0.07952723
07/10/2020CH0466642201Helvetia Holding AG0.03367136
03/03/2021CH0012005267Novartis AG0.00200302
17/03/2021CH0012032048Roche Holding AG0.00039352
24/03/2021CH0024638212Schindler Holding AG0.00025098
05/04/2021CH0018294154PSP Swiss Property AG0.00120996
07/04/2021CH0003541510Forbo Holding AG0.00003165
15/04/2021CH0030170408Geberit AG0.00014377
16/04/2021CH0012829898Emmi AG0.00006081
16/04/2021CH0038863350Nestle SA0.00098622
19/04/2021CH0008837566Allreal Holding AG0.00071473
26/04/2021CH0014852781Swiss Life Holding AG0.00054005
03/05/2021CH0012410517Baloise Holding AG0.00128497
03/05/2021CH0466642201Helvetia Holding AG0.00231669
05/05/2021CH0010570767Chocoladefabriken Lindt & Spruengli AG0.00000676
14/05/2021CH0024608827Partners Group Holding AG0.00010312

Universe of Index Components

Stocks of exchange listed companies with headquarters in Switzerland and admission to trading at a Swiss stock exchange.

Index Components and their selection

On 30 September (close-of-business) of each year (each a "Selection Day") the following determinations are made:

Stocks of companies that have their headquarters and their primary stock exchange listing in Switzerland, and whose average daily trading volume over 1 month, 3 months and 12 months was at least CHF 1.5 million are selected. Such stocks form the "Selection Pool".

Stocks out of the Selection Pool, that meet the conditions a) to d) below are selected. Such stocks form the "Filtered Selection Pool":

  • Continuity: The dividend per share (adjusted for capital measures and any special distributions) has not decreased on a year-over-year basis for at least three (3) consecutive calendar years;
  • Payout: The pay-out ratio smoothed over three years (accumulated dividends of the last three (3) calendar years1 divided by the accumulated net profits of the three (3) preceding calendar years) is between 25% and 75%;
  • Yield: Both the average dividend yield of the last five (5) years calculated backwards from the relevant Selection Day (cumulative dividends divided by the daily arithmetic average value of the stock market prices) and the dividend yield as of the relevant Selection Day (current year’s distribution divided by the closing price as of the relevant Selection Day) amount to more than 1% per annum; and
  • Growth: The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over ten (10) years1 is positive with at least three (3) dividend increases on a year-over-year basis during this period.

A "DividendenAdel Score" is calculated in relation to all stocks included in the Filtered Selection Pool.

Stocks with a DividendenAdel Score greater than twenty-one (21) are considered "Primary DividendenAdel". This classification implies that, in addition to the conditions a) to d) in list item 2 above, the relevant stock must have had (i) no dividend reduction during the past ten (10) years and (ii) a dividend increase in the past year.

Stocks from the Filtered Selection Pool are selected for inclusion in the Index as follows:

  • If there are ten (10) to twenty (20) Primary DividendenAdel, all Primary DividendenAdel are selected for inclusion in the Index.
  • If there are less than ten (10) Primary DividendenAdel, the 10 stocks with the highest DividendenAdel Score are selected for inclusion in the Index.
  • If there are more than twenty (20) Primary DividendenAdel, the twenty (20) Primary DividendenAdel with the highest DividendenAdel Score are selected for inclusion in the Index.
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